An Unforgettable Fishing Trip: Legal Halibut and Bass

Join us as we relive an exciting fishing trip out of Huntington Harbor, where we hauled in two impressive keeper Halibut, several legal bass and sculpin. Read more about this unforgettable day.

7/23/20232 min read

Last week marked an exciting fishing expedition out of Freedom Boat Club in Huntington Harbor. As an experienced fishing guide and passionate angler, I've had many great catches, but this trip was indeed exceptional. Alongside my long-time client and friend, Steven, we hauled in two incredible keeper Halibut, each measuring a hefty 36 inches and weighing in at 25 pounds.

The day started out typically enough, with both of us casting lines in our favorite spots, a steady conversation flowing as we shared fishing tales from the past. The weather was perfect, and the beautiful waters provided the ideal backdrop for our day.

A few hours into our trip, Steven's rod bent like a bow. After an exhilarating fight, he reeled in the first magnificent 36-inch Halibut. Not long after, we had a repeat performance, this time my line was tugged insistently, the rod echoing the struggle of the creature beneath the surface. With steady hands and adrenaline pumping, I managed to bring the second 25-pound Halibut aboard.

In addition to the standout Halibut catches, we also brought in several legal bass and sculpin, each adding to the thrill of our day.

To have shared this incredible day with Steven, a loyal client and dear friend, made the experience even more memorable. As fishing enthusiasts, it's moments like these that we live for. Not just for the thrill of the catch, but for the camaraderie, the connection with nature, and the stories that we'll tell and retell in the years to come.

Looking forward to many more successful fishing trips in the future, I am reminded once again why I love doing what I do. Here's to the next adventure and the catch it will bring!